Dissertation Proposal Archive

We’ve created this page as an archive for political theory proposals from our program. We hope that this can exemplify the diverse modes of doing political theory dissertation projects in the program, provide examples for students currently working on their own proposals, and build community among theorists in the program by making us aware of each other’s projects. If you’d like to add your proposal to the list, please email it in PDF form, along with Month/Year of your Second Exam, to John McMahon at jmcmahon <<at>> gradcenter DOT cuny DOT edu

Imagined Futures: The Discursive Limits of Rational Positivism
Emily Crandall
September 2015

Valuing Sexual Protest
Elena Cohen
August 2015

The Bourgeois Crown: Monarchy and Capitalism in Thailand, 1985-2014
Puangchon Unchanam
May 2015

Customer Management in the Internet Age
Joshua Sperber
September 2014

The Epistemology of Transgender Resistance: Embodied Experiences and the Practices of Everyday Life
B Lee Aultman
August 2014

Feeling God: The Political Thought of 21st Century Evangelicalism
Joanna Tice
January 2014

Feeling Political: Emotion and Affect in Western Political Theory
John McMahon
January 2014

Thoughts of Becoming: Negotiating Modernity and Identity in “Bangladeshi Political Thought”
Humayun Kabir
December 2013 (Second Exam passed)
June 2015 (Revised proposal following research in Bangladesh)

Transforming Meanings, Transforming Policies: LGBT Activism and Social Change in Argentina and the United States
Julie Hollar
November 2013

Emotional Citizenship: Migrant Domestic Careworkers in Israel
Rachel Brown
September 2013

Towards a New Account of Legal Responsibility in International Criminal Law: A Hermeneutic of War Crimes Prosecution from Nuremberg to the Hague
Jason Kropsky
April 2012

God is Near: Apocalyptic Thought and the American Right
Alan Koenig
August 2011

Freedom as Nationalism: Leo Strauss, Isaiah Berlin, and Revolution
Eli Karetny
December 2010

Civilization of the Living Dead: The Zombie as Mirror of American  
Nicholas Robbins
May 2010

The social factory in postwar Italian radical thought from the rise of Operaismo to Autonomia
David Palazzo
March 2008

Conservatives Against Capitalism: The Conservative Critique of Capitalism in American Political Thought
Peter Kolozi


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